Let's be honest ~ the webpage was an afterthought (gasp!)  
The husband encouraged me to create a podcast to do what I already have the tendency to do (answer questions I'm asked regarding swinging, the lifestyle, hotwife, etc.) and it just seemed like a website needed to be associated.  
Tell me what you want to see here!!!  (be realistic ;)

  • Holly

Somehow that's what comes to mind... Here's a little diddy, about... Friends

  • Holly

Happy Friday Friends!!! So... I've been encouraged to create a Patreon account to support the podcast and... there is a little collection of minor expenses to support a podcast ~ and a few things that would be fun to have (an extra microphone for friends perhaps?) but... I feel odd asking for support without providing a level (or levels) of appreciation. Tell me, what do you think are reasonable ways to show appreciation? A little note and/or shout out for a minimal contribution? What do you think is reasonable for a more significant contribution? Thanks in advance for your thoughts :)

I'm running away to play in the desert but I've missed y'all so here's a little something to tide you over until I come back with some fresh new tales ;)